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National Committee

Public Consultation
20 May 2019

SBC Looking forward to involving the public in providing their views and feedback on the first draft of a proposal to consider in the decision-making provided that during a period of time.

Link Expiry date Issue date Draft title No.
Expired 2019/06/06 2019/05/20 Public consultation on SBC 301 and SBC 306 0005
Expired 2019/04/13 2019/03/31 Structuring of the Saudi Building Code Center Project 0004
Expired 2019/01/19 2018/12/30 The Regulation of General Requirements for Inspection Agencies/Entities and Private Inspectors 0003
Expired 2018/04/19 2018/03/27 The Regulation of Violation Categorization 0002
Expired 2018/04/19 2018/03/27 The Executive Regulation for Implementing the Code 0001

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