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Method the work of the National Committee

The National Committee studied a number of Reference and, Arabian and international codes like international council code (ICC) of buildings issued in United States of America and European code (EC). It studied also the experiences of some Arab and international countries in preparing their codes as well as studying the specifications and building systems of governmental bodies as well as results of national researches projects. Based on this, the National Committee decided on 20/04/1423H to adopt the codes of the international council code (ICC) as a basis for Saudi Building Code and the International Electro-technological Commission Code (IEC) as a basis to the electric code due to their comprehensiveness and observance to the Kingdom conditions. With regard to that performed by the National Committee for the Saudi Building Code in preparing the code and systems used in construction and building as well as determining the basic terms of safety, the Committee has convened a number of meetings, seminars and workshops aiming at defining the code terms and requirements and its role in safety of facilities, lives and property, as well as presenting a number of papers about the code in many conferences and seminars in addition to participation in a number of specialized exhibitions in the field of building to introduce the terms and requirements contained in the code and displaying its advantages in serving the country and citizen in addition to issue of the (Saudi Building Code) magazine to contribute in dissemination of more enlightenment by the code objectives

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