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Head Statement


Chairman's Address

Saudi Building Code National Committee

Dr.  Saad bin Othman AlKasabi

     The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at a historic juncture of transformation to brighter horizons that lead to the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030. We are advancing to the Vision realization steadily and confidently for a better tomorrow, God's willing, for our coming generations with the directions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the continuous persistent follow up of the Crown Prince HRH Mohammed bin Salman.

The mega projects and quick developments witnessed in the magnanimous Saudi Arabia in various fields, particularly in the construction and building sector, require from everybody galvanizing action and significant momentum building to cope with these developments. In this connection, the Saudi Building Code National Committee acted upon updating the Saudi Building Code to be published in Second Version to fulfill the current requirements. We are aspiring that the Saudi Building Code would be a scientific and engineering reference at the national and regional levels and to be a key national means for upgrading buildings' safety, rationalization of energy consumption, and achieving sustainability of our national projects, as well as settling disputes between parties. This will be positively reflected on stakeholders of the building and construction sector i.e. government bodies, private companies, consultancies, contractors, and consumers.

     The Saudi Building Code National Committee is keen to establish the partnership principle with all stakeholders for team work in all the Committee activities in the service of the continuous development of the building and construction sector.

     In conclusion, the Saudi Building Code National Committee welcomes any suggestion or opinion that enriches the national endeavor that we will soon see its positive impact on the status of the building and construction sector in our blessed homeland.

We pray to Allah to grant success to these efforts and bestow faithfulness on words and deeds.

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