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Fourth Awareness Workshop for Saudi Building Code
24 April 2018


Fourth Awareness Workshop for Saudi Building Code

(Tuesday, 08/08/1439H "24/04/2018G" Méridien Al Khobar Hotel)

Under the sponsorship of His Excellency, the Minister of Commerce and Investment Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi.

In the presence of H.E. Head of SBC National Committee, Eng. Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Jubair Secretary of the Eastern Region Secretariat and a large number of specialists and those interested in the field of building construction across its sectors in the eastern region.

The fourth awareness workshop, which was held in Méridien Al Khobar Hotel, was opened by the Head of SBC National Committee, where he presented the comprehensive presentation of the action plan and showed the readiness to apply the SBC according to an ambitious plan, which includes the technical, legislative and rehabilitation aspects and the indications of the future sustainable phase to update code.

He stressed that the awareness workshops are a complement to the methodology of integration and the partnership adopted by the National Committee with the governmental and private sectors. He also explained, "The stage of preparation of the first draft code has been completed, reviewed and arbitrated, and there is a digital system to receive the views of experts, specialists and the public regarding the draft code in the coming days to take advantage of everything that supports the code technically".

He noted that the SBC would become a scientific, engineering and legislative reference, a ruling to settle disputes between the opponents in this regard and used at the local and regional level.

The workshop, through its technical organization, found three tracks to present the speakers, and each track included socialists and those interested.

  • First Track: Presents architectural, firefighting, green buildings and existing buildings codes.
  • Second Track: Presents mechanical, electrical, energy conservation and health codes.
  • Third Track: Presents construction, loads, forces, seismic maps, concrete facilities, soil, foundations, and steel and tubular facilities codes.

In the last meeting, which gathered all the technical committees and the audience, and in an open and public discussion, many questions and inquiries were raised to help facilitate the implementation of the code.

It was answered by the committees heads, the head of the advisory committee and the head of the national committee in a clear scientific way that serves the mandatory of the application phase and the extent of the benefit of the code through education and awareness for all classes of society.

The workshop was ended on Tuesday, 08/08/1439H corresponding to 24/04/2018G.





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