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Secretary General Statement

The general secretariat of the Saudi Building Code started from the beginning by updating the code, and made continuous efforts to ensure meeting the necessary requirements for the advisory committee, technical committees, and work teams by executing all decisions and meetings of the national committee. In addition, the committee supplies research and studies through providing references, reports, and technical journals for the use of commissions, national and international organizations, and to benefit from the gained experiences by using the best international practices.

Technical committees reached in a short period the desired goal by delivering the final studies to update the Saudi building code. Since then, implementing the code became a mandatory document upon all general and private sectors in the field of building and construction following the issuance of the Royal Decree M/43 dated 26/04/1438 Hijri by using the best and simplest methods of engineering laws of high credibility, to achieve general safety, sustainability, and to help reaching the right decision for specialists in accordance with the environment and nature of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We ensure through the website of the Saudi Building Code National Committee of our continuous commitment to follow up in updating the code through its specified period, and to contact with the targeted audience through our website by answering their inquiries, hear their suggestions, and to present technical consultations during the implementation of the code by which the platform of the reversed feedback will be the best method to support updating the code with information, and to add new integrating codes to accomplish the goals of the National Committee's' plan.

The general secretariat will always be equipped with all administrative and technical abilities to achieve implementing the code and to continue its' development, and to collaborate with distinguished expertise to reach the optimum level of the Saudi Building Code nationally and internationally.

God Bless,

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