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General Secretariat

About General Secretariat

​​The general secretariat of the Saudi Building Code National Committee was formed in the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization, where a full-time secretariat-general along with work teams are dedicated to serve through designation or on contractual basis. The secretariat is responsible for the organizational and administrative arrangements, and coordinating the work of the consultative committee, technical committees, and work teams by doing the following:

1- Taking the necessary administrative and financial processes to execute the work authorized by the national committee.

2- Suggesting nominees for the membership of the consultative committee and technical committees by coordinating with the national committee and the concerned entities from the governmental and private sector, then handing over the final nominees to the national committee for endorsement and final approval by the chairman of the national committee.

3- Preparing the agendas need to be discussed in the meetings of the national committee and the affiliated committees, and informing them with current discussions.

4- Reviewing the works of technical committees, and writing necessary periodical reports of achievements and recommendations, then delivering them to the chairman of the national committee.

5- Writing periodical reports.

6- Continuous follow-up of the works and decisions of the national committee.

7- Recording discussions, recommendations, and transcripts of the meetings of the national and consultative committees.  

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