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Building Code

Saudi Building Code Application Law
Law Title: Saudi Building Code Application Law
Date of issue: 26/04/1438 AH corresponding to 24/01/2017 AD.
Publish date: 21/03/1440 AH corresponding to 29/11/2018.
Version Tools: Royal Decree No. M / 43 dated 26/04/1438 AH - Cabinet Resolution
About the Law: The following terms and phrases - wherever they appear in this law – shall have the meanings given before each of them, unless the context requires otherwise, and the building code is applied to all construction work in the public and private sectors, and the ministry undertakes the task of applying and monitoring the code without prejudice to the rights of other parties, and the National Committee has tasks to perform, and the code occurs and reissued every five years, and commitment to the code is one of the requirements for obtaining licenses Building or restoration, construction may only be occupied under a occupancy certificate according to the classification of occupancy in the code, and anyone who violates the removal or correction of the violation, and the violator must pay a fine of one million riyals with / or stop the license.
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Version Law Date of issue Link
0001 Saudi Building Code Application Law 26/04/1438 AH View
0002 Saudi Building Code Application Law Amendments 19/01/1441 AH View