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Building Code


Definition of Saudi building code:

It is the group of terms and requirements as of laws, regulations and annexes related to buildings and constructions to ensure safety and public health.

Importance of Saudi Building Code:

All facilities in general require availability of building code that determines safety and security terms as well as comfort in all building stages and the issue increases in its significance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its geographical nature and difference in climates of its regions. The desert climate is dry on the interior parts and of high humidity on the areas near the sea as well as it is distinguished by high temperature in most the year seasons and its soil that contains high percentage of detrimental salts in addition to presence of earthquake phenomena in some coastal areas- all these factors and others affect clearly safety of facilities and their sustainment and protection of citizens.

From here originated importance of building code to lever building quality and maintain the Saudi economy, through guaranteeing safety of facilities and their inhabitants and setting the terms that determine the basics of correct studies and styles appropriate to conditions and capabilities of the Kingdom, a state assists engineers, technicians and citizens and enables them to perform their works safely and securely as well a it contributes in putting an end to differences resulting from numerous opinions of entities working in building and construction sector through use and application to rules of code as a system recognized on national level and resorting to it to decide on differences (if any) among all activities of its users.

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