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Building Code

Significance of applying the code ad negative impact on non-application

Building code significance came to raise building quality and maintaining national economy through securing safety of facilities through setting the terms that determines principles of design and implementation as well as suitable styles for atmospheric conditions, geology and nature in the Kingdom, a state directs engineers and technicians and enables them to perform their works in safe and secure manner and contributes in setting a limit for the problems resulting from difference in points of view in building and construction sector. This shall be achieved through use of the code as a recognized system nationwide and to resort to it in order to settle difference.

Negative impacts of not applying the code:

Despite the fact that construction and building sector is considered as one of the most important economic sectors in the Kingdom, but it remains more random with regard to building of residential units, as since the first economic boom and with start of establishing the Real Estate Development Fund, the individual model was approved  for development of residences. This opened the door before the contracting sector to work by limited levels organization and as such, development occurred in light of constructional expansion and absence of clear terms and technical specifications. 

Among the negative impacts of not applying the code are the following:

  1. None commitment to apply technical specifications by the parties operating in building and construction sector.
  2. prseence of chaos in studies, technical planning and implementation due to absence of legal and scientific reference for the code.
  3. Much power consumption, a state negatively reflecting on national economy and development.
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