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Sub Committee

Advisory Committee and originating technical committees
The Advisory Committee was re-formed on 20/07/1437H from members of National Committee and heads of technical committees from all related government and private sectors including the Kingdom universities and research centers and the Advisory Committee shall study,suggest and edit the production of code technically follow-up on the implementation, update and review.And, submit the recommendations to the National Committee of Saudi Building Code.
The following committees have originated from the Advisory Committee:
  1. Arcitecrural and administrative technical committee.
  2. Strcutural technical committee.
  3. Earthquake requirements technical committee.
  4. Electric technical committee.
  5. Mechancial technical committee.
  6. Power rationalization technical committee.
  7. Health technical committee.
  8. Fire requirements technical committee.  
  9. Existing buildings technical committee.
  10. Green buildings technical committee .
  11. Residential buildings technical committee.
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